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Hurricane girl

Eighth Wonder – Stay With Me

The music of the 80s saw a number of female singers who were successful at a very young age, let’s say before the age of twenty. Apart from the babies Nikka Costa and Vanessa Paradis, there was a group of young girls between the ages of sixteen and eighteen who,

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This girl is never scared

Eighth Wonder – I’m not scared

It was Feb 20, 1988, when Eight Wonder and Patsy Kensit released “I’m not scared”, definitely one of their greatest hits. Compared to “Stay with me”, this hit was more mature, just like the look and the music of the whole group. It was definitely more professional.

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Things to remember

Eighth Wonder – Will you remember

30 years ago Sanremo was over, but the performance of a guest star went straight into history. She was the great Patsy Kensit, serial bride of musicians. B.A.D.’s Dan Donovan, then the great Jim Kerr, then Oasis’ Liam Gallagher, and again a british dj.

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