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Days to remember

Enrico Ruggeri – Giorni randagi

I put “Giorni randagi” among Enrico Ruggeri’s best songs. Enrico is definitely one of the most beloved artists in Italy. He found a second youth in 1988, after the great songs of the early 80s. He says in a song “I was a punk before you were”

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Singing Italy

Gianni Morandi, Enrico Ruggeri, Umberto Tozzi – Si può dare di più

Tonight will be an important night in Italy. There can be three of four in a year, but one is always the final night of Sanremo. In 1987 it happened what had to happen: many great artists were competing,

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You deserve it, Enrico!

You deserve it, Enrico!

Dear friend dinosaurs, this morning I heard on the radio a fantastic – really fantastic – interview to Enrico Ruggeri.
Fantastic singer and composer, but definitely a brilliant minded man, always careful to catch transformations and details in music and in society, always being humble,

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