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Dancing feelings

Irene Cara – Flashdance… What a Feeling

The link between songs, dance, video and movies in the 80s became closer and closer. Of course, this could not happen in the previous years, because before the advent of MTV the concept of music videos was quite weak,

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Dance maniacs

Michael Sembello – Maniac

In the 80s we all were dance maniacs. And many of us still are, after so many years. But maybe it wasn’t really all our fault, we were children of our times, sons of our own adolescence and our the will to break the world,

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 “Flashdance” is definitely an iconic movie of the 80s. Every teenager in the 80s lived with passion and energy the story of Alex Owens. She works in a steel plant in Pittsburgh. After all sort of troubles, thanks to her strong will, Alex becomes a dancer and finds her place in society.

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