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Lost in translation

Fake – Donna Rouge

We all know how important it is to speak or at least understand foreign languages. And if it is certainly increasingly indispensable in today’s global and interconnected world, already in the 80s there were songs to make us understand how important it was.

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A piano in the Gazebo

Gazebo – I Like Chopin

Probably, the word gazebo today reminds of white wooden structures in healthy families’ gardens used for parties and weddings, but in the 80s, when we talked about Gazebo, the thought went only to a fantastic artist and his songs.

This time a little exotic feeling is justified,

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The jungle of music

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

The world of music is a jungle, and this was somehow true even in the 80s. A jungle full of facts and characters, in which it was not easy to survive, a lush jungle and also full of dangers where every now and then someone could get lost and quickly disappear from the scene.

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