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The jungle of music

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

Jungle life we're living in the open
All alone like Tarzan boy
Hide and seek
We play along while rushing 'cross the forest
Monkey business on a sunny afternoon
#TarzanBoy #Baltimora

The world of music is a jungle, and this was somehow true even in the 80s. A jungle full of facts and characters, in which it was not easy to survive, a lush jungle and also full of dangers where every now and then someone could get lost and quickly disappear from the scene.

But like in all jungles some people were perfectly at ease, like Tarzan. And in fact the 80s had a fantastic Tarzan, indeed, a Tarzan Boy who entered forever in the history of the 80s. This song is in fact really a symbol not only of the Italo disco, but of all the 80s, and is often mentioned in the soundtracks of many films set in the 80s.

And “Tarzan Boy” obviously leads us to talk of the unlucky Baltimora, or rather the Baltimora project, as it would probably be more correct to say. Yes, because the Baltimora concept was born in 1984 in Milan, when musician and producer Maurizio Bassi met Jimmy McShane, an Irish guy working for the Red Cross who had studied as a theater actor and dancer, and in short was the right person to become the frontman of Bassi’s next project, who had just successfully launched DJ Carrara and his “Shine on dance” in the previous year.

Or rather, Jimmy was almost the right person, he just missed one thing: the voice. And so, the legend says that Baltimora’s main voice was actually Bassi himself, and McShane-Baltimora lip synced in playback and put his voice in part of the choir.

But in short, what matters is that Bassi, along with other musicians, created this fantastic song, and found the ideal interpreter especially for television performances. The song in few weeks became the Summer hit and climbed the charts in half of Europe. And from there it went stright into the history of the 80s, because let’s face it, it’s an irresistible song!

Baltimora made other songs in the following periods, with some success, but nothing comparable to “Tarzan Boy”. Unfortunately, the story of the good Jimmy McShane, a paramedic with a passion for theatre and dance and with the physique-du-role, interrupted about ten years later, when at only 37 he unfortunately had to surrender to the consequences of AIDS. But his story continues forever in our memories and in our music!

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