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Message for men and women

Simply Red – The right thing

Doing the right thing is always fundamental. And for Simply Red at the beginning of 1987, the right thing was to write a message to men and women. In fact, “Men and women” was the title of the new album ready to be released.

About one year and a half had passed since the release of the previous album; “Picture book” had literally projected Simply Red into the universe of 80s pop stars, with songs like “Money’s too tight (to mention)”, “Come to my aid” and “Holding back the years”. So it was absolutely a hard game, to repeat the success of those hits and maybe to overcome them as well. But the genius of Mick Hucknall was now unstoppable, and Simply Red really exceeded every fan’s expectations with this album.

“The right thing” was released in February 1987, and one month later, when the album “Men and women” will be release, this will be the first track. The lyrics by Mick Hucknall, who will later choose Italy as his second homeland, were not so literally elevated, to be honest, he was kind of direct in this song… but when we talk about music and songs, Mick and Simply Red always did the right thing!

In the middle of the night
When the time is right, sexily right
I'm gonna do the right thing
#SimplyRed #TheRightThing

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