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Deja vu in Paradise

Phoebe Cates – Paradise (Theme from Paradise)

Just take my hand it's paradise
You kiss me once, I'll kiss you twice
And I gaze into your eyes
I realize it's paradise
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May 1982 welcomed the release of a film that entered the imagination and the memories of all Dinosaurs who were teenagers in the 80s. Looking back, to be honest, it was not a memorable film, and as we will see it was not even very original, but it still managed to reserve a special space for itself in the hearts of teenagers, thanks above all to the protagonists of the film, and to the main song of the soundtrack.

We’re talking about the movie Paradise, I’m sure you’ve all already guessed it. It is one of the most famous teen films of the 80s. The plot was quite unlikely: a young English girl living in the Middle East in the nineteenth century undertakes a journey to return to England after her father’s death. In her journey, however, she becomes the object of ambushes and attentions from a slave trader, and she can only count on the friendship of a servant, and some missionaries who have an adolescent boy in tms outheir caravan.

For different reasons, sooner or later everyone dies, and the two boys find themselves alone through a thousand troubles to escape the Arab slave trader, until they find an oasis where they can live their friendship carefree until adolescence blossoms out. The boy is attracted to the girl who, however, does not seem to reciprocate his feelings, until after yet another ambush she finds herself caring for him after he had defended her from the merchant, and love also blossoms. To add more exoticism, during the film the two boys find a family of chimpanzees as their only allies, and in fact live parallel lives between humans and primates families, let’s say.

In short, the plot was quite unlikely, and moreover it wasn’t even very original, because Paradise was certainly an attempt to exploit the long wave of the great success of The Blue Lagoon, a film from two years earlier which told the story of two teenagers who survived to a shipwreck and are left alone in a paradisiacal lagoon while adolescence blossoms.

The protagonists of Paradise were the curly blond Willie Aames, who was known for playing the role of young Tommy Bradford in the TV series Eight Is Enough, and nineteen-year-old Phoebe Cates, a pure adolescent beauty and not much else. After all, Phoebe started out at a bit of a disadvantage, if we think that her counterpart in The Blue Lagoon was the famous model Brooke Shields, a beautiful woman and also a bit of an icon of the ’80s, who however in fact stood out for almost nothing else: no other film, no song, almost nothing beyond beauty, and in this Brooke Shields anticipated the modern concept of influencers.

Phoebe Cates didn’t differ much from Brooke Shields. Certainly Phoebe’s beauty was simpler, a pure beauty one might say, compared to Brooke’s feline gaze, but it is a fact that Brooke Shields wasn’t even requested to shoot nude scenes in The Blue Lagoon, while Phoebe Cates had to shoot them, and she did without problems.

However, I would say that neither Brooke Shields nor Phoebe Cates could stand at the level of the absolute European icon of teen films, Sophie Marceau, unforgettable in the kissing scene with headphones the sound of Richard Sanderson’s Reality.

The main song of the soundtrack was Theme from Paradise, which in Europe was simply called Paradise, exactly like Sade’s Paradise which however came a few years later.
Theme from Paradise didn’t even have a real video, and generally TVs used scenes from the film’s trailer.

On the net we find videos of Phoebe Cates’ guest appearances on musical shows of the time, and I must say that we always see her quite rigid, with a fairly static expression, looking at the teleprompter in search of words, and only rarely turning her gaze to the camera, and in fact in those few seconds you can glimpse a minimum of intensity. For the rest, it is difficult to think that she could have been destined for a career as a great actress.

In fact, she had other roles, of which the most famous was perhaps the protagonist of the series Gremlins, but overall I would say that Phoebe’s career was quite modest, much inferior to the fame of her husband, the great Kevin Kline.

However, the film was a success, and the song also remained in the charts for a long time in various countries. In Italy it was even the second best-selling 45rpm of 1982, after Falco’s Der Kommissar.
Theme From Paradise was arranged by the American musician Mike Melvoin, who is not very famous, but is the father of Wendy Melvoin who was part of The Revolution who accompanied Prince at the time of Purple Rain, and then formed the duet Wendy&Lisa with Lisa Coleman, and created the beautiful Waterfall.

And perhaps this was the magic of the 80s: a film that was not particularly original, with less than exceptional actors, but with a beautiful song as the soundtrack, still remains after four decades in the hearts and imagination of a generation.

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