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80and30 on Vibbidi

In these very days 80and30 is starting a collaboration with VIBBIDI!  It’s a free web-based music streaming service that’s available on any connected device!

Why VIBBIDI? Because their most prominent feature is a new writing program called ‘Narratives’ that lets each one of us voice our own opinion with absolute freedom!  I can write my personal posts about our the songs and album we love, maybe an artistic reinterpretation of the album, just like we do since years on 80and30. But 80and30 is a website, and VIBBIDI is a unique fusion of our favourite music streaming services & a social media platform, combining AI technology with User submission to make an experience that is fully-controlled by the User community. 

They have a vast library of content we can enjoy from big-name Artists to obscure acts, including our beloved 80s! And if on 80and30 we generally speak about songs and artists, VIBBIDI gives us the chance to talk also about albums, and establish a further link on both platforms.  In the next days I will link here my profile – the first pieces will not be exclusively related to the 80s, at the beginning.

As a social streaming service, VIBBIDI offers ‘Themes’: perfect selections of Albums based around a mood, genre, time-period & other styles that are guaranteed to pique our attention!

If you are also interested in writing content for VIBBIDI, just let me know and I’ll put you in contact so we can be a part of the latest music experience to hit the scene.

See you on Vibbidi!

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