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Maximum protection

Picnic at the Whitehouse – We Need Protection

Scream: we need protection!
Where we gonna run?
I don't know, I don't know.
We need protection! Where we gonna run?
#WeNeedProtection #PicnicAtTheWhitehouse

Against sun, rain, radiations, economic crisis, unexpected issues, against bad luck, viruses, against all threats and everything you like, but it’s a fact that, in today’s world, we need protection. And they knew it!

No jokes, Picnic at the Whitehouse is one of the clearest examples of how in the 80s you could make a single beautiful song and get into history. And then you could disappear just as easily, but stay forever in history.

Englishman Eddy Hind and German Illfo Debusmann met in Germany, if I’m not wrong, sharing their passion for music. In fact they were both hybrid figures, electronic musicians, deejays and producers, rather than real singers. After a couple of years of work they found this fantastic song in their hands, so they looked for someone to sing it.

And in fact, they found an interesting guy, Terry, lead voice of The Touch. They still had some doubts because the song was quite vigorous, while Terry was a talented fine guy, and they weren’t sure he was the right one. In any case, Terry refused, he was not convinced, and so they finally sang it themselves.

The video in my opinion is fantastic and gives us just the idea of how engaging the stories of the 80s were. Eddy represents freedom and transgression, dressed less and less, jumps, sings and smiles, accompanied by a growing crowd of people, a bit like Captain Sensible in “Wot”. But he also has to run away, find protection precisely, because Illfo, dressed in leather, unleashed his henchmen in a suit and tie behind him with ferocious dogs. Illfo stands in his shelter full of electronic instruments to direct the hunt, and occasionally plays a few notes on keyboards and improbable instruments along with his blonde friend dressed in latex.

And yet… where does Eddy go to seek protection? He goes right into his enemy’s shelter, and eventually surrounded by the crowd, he succeeds to involve his enemy in a massive club dance.
“We need protection” really stuck to everyone’s memories, even if the Picnic at the Whitehouse have practically disappeared, despite their exceptional name.

And what about poor Terry, the one who was supposed to sing the song? Well… it really wasn’t his destiny, because in a year he would find even greater success with songs like “If you let me stay” or “Wishing well“. And using his full name, Terence Trent D’Arby.

However, Picnic at the Whitehouse were absolutely great!

Picnic at the Whitehouse on Wikipedia (in German)

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