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Black – Wonderful life

No need to run and hide
it’s a wonderful, wonderful life
no need to hide and cry
it’s a wonderful, wonderful life
#Black #WonderfulLife

If we were to ask anyone who has hanged out in the 80s: “What song can we choose to represent existentialism in the 80s?” we would receive a plebiscite response: “Black’s Wonderful Life!” And for those who know the genesis of the hit, the question probably does not even arise.

Let’s start by saying that “Black”, at the beginning of it all, designated a musical trio, which also included the good Colin Vearncombe; he was left alone, due to the defections of others, and decided to keep the name and continue to play with that.

In 1985 things did not go too well for Black/Colin: his first marriage ended, he made a couple of bad car accidents, his mother had a bad illness and finally he found himself without a home; then he thinks he has nothing left to do but write a couple of beautiful songs, and started with Wonderful Life, of which he will say “It is one of those great ironies of life, that my former wife is responsible for my hit!”.

Yes, because the song becomes a great worldwide hit, but not immediately: it must be reprinted in 1987 and, thanks to a video clip absolutely existentialist at least as much as the song, now success finally arrives.

A huge number of artists made a cover of this song. But nothing prevents fate from presenting the bill, on January 26, 2016, to Colin: after a new car accident in Cork, Ireland, and several days in a coma, one of the voices who made the soundtrack of that incredible decade legendary, dies.

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