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Scary sisters

Shakespears Sister – You’re History

Diabolic sisters. Not only in the video, where they spread incredible attire and personality, but also in the story behind them, starting from their very name. In fact the sister was supposed to be just one, Siobhan Fahey, who decided to go with her solo career after marrying Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart in 1987 and after entering Guinness Book of world records in 1988 for Bananarama’s success.

A solo career but with some additional choir voice, since she had quite low tones. So the Shakespears Sister releases the album “Sacred heart” but things were not so happy at the beginning. The producers then tried to turn it into a duo performance, following Dave Stewart’s advice, and brought also the additional voice Marcella Detroit to the role of front woman.

By the way, they also made some mess with the name, first dropping the final “e” in Shakespeare, then losing the apostrophe (actually present on the album sleeve), so they had quite a troubled start.

Marcella Detroit was quite unknown, but just because she changed her name. Infact she had been an appreciated additional voice for Eric Clapton, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Robin Gibb, under the name of Marcy Levy, her real family name. As a duo, they find an incredible success. “You’re history” climbs the charts and becomes an incredible hit also due to the video, where the contrasting presence of Siobhan and Marcella is simply irresistible, and shows all of their glamour.

Siobhan has never been so intriguing like in this video, in total black and with a maleficent gaze. Marcella is her opposite, very sweet and soft and with a fantastic voice. They look like they have always been singing together! Actually they will sing together again for some years; in 1992 they will release another album with a weird title, “Hormonally yours”, giving fans some concern.

In fact, few months later Siobhan will leave the group for personal reasons. Maybe the problems were not so personal, because they no longer spoke to each other fro twentyfive years, and they just met again in 2018! And now they’re singing together once again!

In any case, this is really a fantastic hit, definitely one of the last gems of the 80s!!

You're history
Like a beat up car
No good for me
Like an old film star
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