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Madonna – Burning Up

In March 1983, Madonna released her second single “Burning Up”, after the success of “Everybody”, which she had released a few months earlier. Both songs were on a tape that she carried with her when she went to sing in clubs, and in this way she succeeded in getting a real contract and recording her first album.

Mainly dance songs, pleasant to listen to and dance, with an extra touch given by Madonna’s then-boyfriend, John “Jellybean” Benitez, who was making his way as guitarist, drummer, deejay, producer, all-round musician, in short, was becoming one of the very first music influencers of the 80s.

Therefore, “Burning up” was a big success mainly in the American dance charts. Madonna’s fame reached Europe with her third single, “Holiday”, and then she had a real explosion of course with her second album, “Like a virgin”.

I must say that although the Madonna of “Burning up” was young in age and artistically, she already showed a series of features that would mark her throughout her career!

For example, in this video Madonna already shows one of her characteristic elements, that cross pendant that we have seen everywhere, not only in her outfit but on many covers, in many videos, in almost all the photographs.

In fact, Madonna shows something even more important of her character: not only the intensity of the look, but also the situation of the video, in which Madonna is on the ground of an asphalt road, and an incoming car seems to overwhelm her. And yet, a moment later, we see Madonna behind the wheel of the same car, as if she had always led the game even if the parts seemed reversed.

This theme of strength factors between men and women will gradually become, together with the idea of mystical sacredness, the element that always distinguished the art of the absolute queen of the 80s

Unlike the others I'd do anything
I'm not the same, I have no shame
I'm on fire
Ooh, yeah, I'm burning up (burning up for your love)
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