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Prince – Batdance

It was early June 1989 when Prince released “Batdance”, soundtrack to Tim Burton’s movie “Batman”, of course. The hit had fantastic success. I think the world was really waiting for Prince, because his latest singles had less success than, for example “Purple rain” or “Kiss”, so people really wanted to enjoy some great funk again. And of course, people also wanted Batman and had great expectations about this fantastic movie.

Actually, the movie had two different soundtracks! This was Prince’s soundtrack, with a lot of music that actually had not been included in the final version of the movie, but there was also Danny Elfman’s soundtrack for Batman. Danny Elfman was the leader of Oingo Boingo.

The life of the hit was really connected to the movie. It climbed the charts extremely quickly when the movie came out, but it also fell down very quickly after few weeks, when people had finally seen the movie. And also the radios stopped quickly to air this hit.

The song actually sounds like an exercise; it is clearly composed of different sections, with different rhytmhs and sounds. It begins with a series of samples from the movie audio. And we have to say that actually Prince had another song to release for the movie, but in the very last days he changed his mind and chose “Batdance”.

The video is a huge choreography created by the great Paula Abdul who was on top of the charts with songs like “Forever your girl“, for example. It is filled with bats, jokers, an army of Vcky Vales and so on. But maybe the most upsetting character is Prince himself, or Gemini, as it appears in the video. And I think he really loved to be Gemini in the video, not only for all the times when he created fictionalry alter-egos, like the famous Camille of the Black Album and “Alphabet St.”, but also because, as a zodiac, he was really a Gemini!

If a man is considered guilty (Work!)
For what goes on in his mind (Work!)
Then gimme the electric chair (Work!)
For all my future crimes-oh
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