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Aswad – Don’t turn around

When I think of “Don’t turn around”, I really think that it’s so true: there is a right time for everything. If it’s not the right time for a project, there’s nothing you can do about it. If destiny says that this is the right time, you will achieve unbelievable success with a much smaller effort!

“Don’t turn around”, means a song with a destiny to be successful. Diane Warren composed it among others, and she also composed Belinda Carlisle’s “I get weak“. She wrote “Don’t turn around” years earlier, for Tina Turner, but ultimately they relegated the song to be the B-side of “Typical male“. Diane Warren really didn’t appreciate this decision, by the way. But this means that it wasn’t the right time for this song, bacause Tina Turner achieved a great success like all other times.

Actually, even the British reggae group Aswad (which in arabic means “black”), had already found success. They played on the scene since 1975, but always within the borders of local reggae scene. Maybe it was not their time, because they had plenty of experience and talent.

American soul singer Luther Ingram covered this song previously, but in March 1988 planets finally aligned. Aswad took this song, and created their version too. You know, some songs are born to be covered again and again: after Ingram and Aswad, also Ace of Base will create a very famous cover of this song in the 90s.

Happy end of the story: with a B-side song, after many years within local fame, they reached number one in Great Britain in few weeks! It was the right time! It was early March 1988, thirty years ago!

I won’t miss your arms around me
Holding me tight
And if you ever think about me
Just know that I’m gonna be alright
#Aswad #DontTurnAround

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