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An important day

Fiction Factory – (Feels Like) Heaven

Study your face and fade the frame
Too close for comfort now
We can recall the harmony
That lingered but turned sour
Feels like heaven
#FictionFactory #FeelsLikeHeaven

In Fiction Factory’s career there is very likely a day which is far more important than all others. Their story is a bit like the paradigm of many groups of the 80s, if we think about it: after a gavetta passed between various groups in Scotland, their homeland, comes that day different from the others, in which a song comes out that will really change their history.

It is still 1983, but the clock is ticking: in fact, it is December 31, 1983 when Fiction Factory release “(Feels like) Heaven”, a song where we can certainly find the new wave origins of Fiction Factory, who also went through a ska period, but enriched by intense and very modern electronic sounds, in a harmony that will decisively contribute to success.

And so in the first months of 1984 “(Feels like) Heaven”, coming out of nowhere, literally climbs the charts not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and many other countries, also driven by a somewhat peculiar video that was certainly in line with the group’s weird sounds and atmospheres. It is a success, which will open the doors to the album “Throw the warped wheel out”, going to be released a few months later.

In the 1980s, however, fate certainly knew how to be generous, but also ruthless. And so that last day of 1983 destined to change the history of this group, marked the beginning of their popularity, but in some sense also the highest moment of their career. Fiction Factory could no longer find the formula to repeat this success, and over the next two years they worked on their second album with less and less conviction, until in 1987, shortly after the release of this second album, the group disbanded. Indeed, one of the founders, Kevin Patterson, left the music world completely and changed his career altogether, even if the group recently performed again in some live shows.

Trying to read between the lines, the song is about a negative story coming to an end. A seemingly sad situation, that in reality marks the beginning of a phase of recovery and new vitality, a real moment of rebirth.

Fiction Factory, however, absolutely lived the magic spell of the 80s: they found success with only one song, but fate wanted this song to really come out at a time when music knew no boundaries or limitations, and this led to “(Feels like) Heaven” being included in many compilations and becoming one of the songs of the 80s that everyone remembers , despite the short life of the group.

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