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A message to children

P.Lion – Happy Children

Always the war in 1983
This is the world of today
In our mind, there is only the money
And there is nothing for you
#PLion #HappyChildren

Happy children is truly a hit that made history summarizes (it needs to be said) the electronic dance trend of the early 80s.

The author uses the artistic name of P. Lion, derived from his own initials (Pietro Paolo Pelandi) and from the lion present in the noble coat of arms of his father. In short: another successful example of the Italo Disco that became famous across Europe (especially in France). The hit came out in September 1983 and within a few weeks became the hit of the moment in the whole dance scene.

Remarkable is the fact that both saxophone and electric drums (one of the first use, at least in Italy) are really played by musicians and do not come from pre-recorded bases.

P. Lion himself recalled that about four hours were enough for writing both text and melody, and only six hours of arrangements were needed before going to the recording studio. The six hours of arrangements took place at his home in two-hour sessions “so as not to disturb the neighbors” (Fantastic!).

The song was played in a very spontaneous way, without any marketing or promotion plan, the opposite of what happens when today’s musical projects are born.

And despite the hurry and spontaneity there is also a text! Yes, because in the legendary 80s it is still unthinkable to show up without good lyrics, if you really want to be credited as a musician. The lyrics reflect one of the great fears of those years: the idea that the cold war will melt, suddenly becoming hot.

Do you remember this feeling? In the 80s there was even a clock that symbolically monitored the time remaining before the start of the next war.

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