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A matter of luck

I should be so lucky – Kylie Minogue

You fell in love with me
Like I'm in love with you
But dreaming's all I do
If only they'd come true
#KylieMinogue #IShouldBeSoLucky

It is always difficult to fight against good or bad luck. And indeed the story of this song agrees with this feeling, especially in terms of good luck. If fate decides that something has to happen, it eventually happens, and often it happens quickly and in an unpredictable way. Then of course, sometimes what seems like luck is supported by a large dose of talent and professionalism, but it is undeniable that some stories are really curious.

In particular, in 1987 there was a girl whose beginnings had a lot to do with luck, and this girl has since made an incredible career and today, many years later, she remains one of the absolute stars of international pop . We are talking about Kylie Minogue, who at that time had not yet turned twenty.

Kylie’s dream in her native Australia was to become a singer following in the footsteps of her older sister Dannii, but her destiny seemed to have chosen something a little different for her. In fact, the very young Kylie had joined the cast of a soap opera, entitled Neighbours. In the show, Kylie had been incredibly successful and had become Australia’s sweetheart.

And so, when Australian television organized a charity show during the Christmas period, Kylie was invited, and showed up singing a song from the 1950s: The Loco-Motion. Kylie’s version had a slightly modified title, Locomotion, but it was a huge success, and so, quite by accident, Kylie Minogue finally found herself to be a music star.

On the wave of this success she managed to go to London to work with the three producers who marked the second part of the 80s, namely Stock, Aitken and Waterman, responsible for Rick Astley’s hits, such as Never Gonna Give You Up, for Sinitta’s success with Toy Boy, for the new course of Bananarama with Venus, and for many other successful artists and songs. And here, however, another twist of fate happened, or if you like, another stroke of luck.

The phone rings in Pete Waterman’s house: it’s Mike Stock speaking, and asking Waterman if maybe he hadn’t forgotten to tell Stock about something, like an Australian girl who wanted to work with them. Waterman remembers: yes, it’s true, I had to tell you about this girl who should be here in town these days. And Stock replies: she’s not “in town”, she’s at our reception! She has a meeting with us and I didn’t even know it!

And so, while Kylie is waiting in the reception, Stock and Waterman start exchanging faxes at the speed of light starting from a comment of one of the two, who said “she should be really lucky to be able to be successful without even having a song ready! “

However, from this sentence the title of the song was born, and also the text, which relied on the fact that Kylie was very famous, and therefore it would be reasonable to expect her to be lucky in love, and instead, in the song, she fails to conquer the man of her dreams.

In short, good luck was really waiting for Kylie, because within ten minutes Stock welcomed Kylie into the studio, with great comfort he explained the song to her, Kylie learned the song in minutes, she added the verse “lucky, lucky, lucky” and within an hour the song was recorded, so that in the late afternoon Kylie was able to catch another plane and fly back to Australia to shoot the new episodes of Neighbours.

In short, this song that didn’t even exist an hour before, was released on December 29, 1987, went to the top of the charts in Australia, the United Kingdom, and in many other European countries, and was the first great worldwide success of Kylie Minogue (who later will rely on the three producers to cut a full-fledged version of The Loco-Motion, with the correct title and a proper video).

Of course I Should Be So Lucky also had a video, simple but nice: the very blonde Kylie is in a house between the kitsch and romantic, and she tells us about her love misfortunes in the various rooms of the house, up to the iconic scene of the bathtub full of foam. A very sparkling and never vulgar video.

Since then, Kylie Minogue’s career, as we know, has never stopped. This is certainly due to her immense talent … but who knows if that day at the Stock Aitken and Waterman’s reception, Kylie didn’t have also a little bit of good luck!

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