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Al Corley – Square Rooms

In September 1984 a very beautiful song was released, sung by a guy apparently unknown in the music world, but who was actually very famous for his acting career. We are talking about Al Corley, who was absolutely a well-known face for those who loved the great serials of the 80s. Yes, because Al was in the cast of a production that really went around the world, “Dynasty”. Do you remember it? It was the story of the rivalry between the Carrington and Colby families, oil magnates. The story was set in Denver, and centered around the patriarch Blake Carrington who was married to the frail Krystle, after divorcing the mother of her children, the wicked Alexis played by icon Joan Collins.

“Dynasty” in some ways was seen as a copy or an imitation of another great serial, “Dallas”, but it was a production that for the first time had the courage to tackle delicate issues, which perhaps the general public was not yet ready for, such as mental illnesses or homosexuality, themes that characterized Blake’s sons, who for this reason they were considered uneligible to lead the company after their father.

Al Corley was the actor who bravely brought the theme of homosexuality and above all the prejudices connected to it to the eyes of the general public, playing the role of Steven, one of Blake’s sons.

AL Corley remained in production for a few seasons, then he was replaced and decided to re-embrace an ancient passion, music. Among other things, as a young man he had been a door guard at the famous Studio 54 in New York, so we can see that music was in his destiny.

Corley’s had a fundamental meeting with Harold Faltermeyer, who will find absolute fame a year later when he will compose Axel F., the instrumental piece that characterized the soundtrack of Beverly Hills Cop. Faltermeyer composed an absolutely enthralling dance song, Square Rooms, which greatly helped Al Corley’s success.

The song reached the top ten in many European countries, and had its heyday. The video is simple but pleasant, set in Paris. The song touches on the theme of loneliness and despair at the end of a love story, and how one can sink into disappointment by living in a world that does not pay attention to the affairs of individuals.

Al Corley’s career saw a couple more songs made with Harold Faltermayer, but which were not very successful. Square Rooms, however, remained in the heart of the dinosaurs of the 80s at least when the Dynasty series !!!!

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