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Finally famous!!

Bros – When will I be famous

At the end of 1987 Bros released their first two singles, including “When will I be famous”. They were some kind of pilot of boy band: a couple of twins, Matt and Luke Goss, and a third member to play the bass, Craig Logan.

Bros had great success, even if they were, like many others, underestimated because of their look. Actually after 30 years we can say that in the following decades many other boy bands would not have been comparable to Bros.

The bass player went out of mind after one year of tour life, and one night he refused to enter the stage and played from the backstage. He left the band the following day, but wanted to keep on using the name Bros, and this lead to a legal action.

At the end, the twins granted him such a high bonus, that they risked bankruptcy, and he could become a producer, and in the years he worked with artists like Pink and Anastacia.

Well you’ve read Karl Marx
And you’ve taught yourself to dance
You’re the best by far!
#Bros #WhenWillIBeFamous

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