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Godley & Creme – Cry

You don't know how to play the game
You cheat
You lie
You make me wanna cry
#GodleyAndCreme #Cry

In March 1985 we learned to know a song that was peculiar in many ways. First of all, the authors. Kevin Godley and Laurence “Lol” Creme were not new to the world of music, and by the 1970s they were part of 10cc, an English group that was quite famous at the time. They left the group in 1976, and began a career as authors, producers, and then music video directors.

As singers, they didn’t do much, until they happened to work for the production company of Trevor Horn, the ubiquitous leader of the Buggles. And here we find the second peculiarity of the song.

Yes, because it seems that Godley and Creme had ready no more than the first verse, and a pale idea of what they wanted to express overall. And then Trevor Horn sat there with them and they actually composed music, arrangements, the rest of the lyrics, and everything. And they even recorded it on the fly!

Then, the real peculiarity of this song in my opinion is the video; basically it’s three minutes of continuous morphing between different faces, with some fade-like effect and things like that. Quite innovative and upsetting for the 80s, real special effects, something you could see for a maximum of three seconds in some science fiction film like “Tron” or “Terminator”.

Well, I’d say anyway in the end the result came out pretty good! What do you say?

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