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Propaganda – Duel

The first cut won't hurt at all
The second only makes you wonder
The third will have you on your knees
You start bleeding I start screaming
#Propaganda #Duel

There were certain days in the 80s when two or three songs came out, and all were meant to make history. And sometimes these songs were ready since long time, but for some reason they came out on that very day. It also happened on April 7, 1985. On that day, in addition to the beautiful “Kayleigh” by Marillion, another song was also released that had been waiting for quite a while, but for various reasons it did not come out.

It was the song of a German band that, after various events, succeeded to join ZTT Records, the production company of legendary Trevor Horn. The ZTT was still small, but one of its groups was having unprecedented success. And so they decided, for 1984, to focus their efforts mainly on this group, that is, Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Then there was this German group, who already had some success with a song called “Dr. Mabuse”, a title taken from a character in a movie by Fritz Lang, the director of “Metropolis” who sixty years later would inspire the video of “Radio Ga Ga“. So, the German group had to wait. Meanwhile, they found a new singer, Claudia Brücken, a personal friend of Susanne, the other girl in the group. They had played together before, in a band called The Topolinos.

And probably this was a necessary step, because with the arrival of Claudia, Propaganda (that’s their name!) acquired an unmistakable voice, an unparalleled charisma, and in short time Claudia became the voice and the icon of the group.

In the end, this long-awaited song came out on this April 7, and in a short time climbed the charts in many countries in Europe, and brought Propaganda into the history of the 80s and into the hearts of all young people. We love the song, it’s beautiful and very special, both for the structure and for the lyrics.

The video is unforgettable: while we see Propaganda singing and playing in a strange world looking like Alice in Wonderland, there is also a parallel spystory plot, with a glamour dressed Claudia going to a date, where a waitress (Susanne) pours something into the cocktails, sends the two lovers into a world of nightmares, and finally keeps them imprisoned when they wake up. But Claudia and her lover finally manage to get out of it.

For all these reasons, “Duel” is a truly unique and unforgettable song in the landscape of the 80s!

Propaganda and Claudia Brücken on Wikipedia

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