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A never ending summer

Righeira – L’estate sta finendo

L'estate sta finendo
e un anno se ne va
sto diventando grande
lo sai che non mi va.
#Righeira #LEstateStaFinendo

Dear friends, do you remember that in the 80s, in those very hot evenings at the seaside in the months of July and August, there was often just one song? Yes, because in those summers that the first smash hits were born, and for some reasons the first ones originated in a seaside country, sunny Italy!

I have little or no doubt about the first major international hit of 80s summers: from 1983 onwards, Righeira with Vamos a la Playa changed the course of summer music of the 80s in Southern Europe. In those days it was legitimate to think that the two funny boys from Turin had a major dose of luck, because their sympathy alone could not justify such a massive success.

In those days, however, we could not know one thing. Righeira were not only two very nice, completely crazy guys, but they were also two absolute geniuses !!! Otherwise we cannot explain how they were able to yearly repeat the timely summer hit even with quite different songs.

In particular, summer of 1985 was marked by the endless play on the radios and on the beaches of L’estate sta finendo, released in early July in parallel with a major Italian music contest, Festivalbar – where it was an absolute triumph. And you need to be a genius, to release a song in July that will perfectly describe the feelings that teenagers will experience from September onwards, when they return to their student lives, and from this beautiful summer they will probably keep many memories, a few tears, and, maybe, just a photograph. You really need to be a genius to do this.

I confess that the lyrics of this song today bring me mixed feelings. Today, when we return from vacation, mobile phones are full of photographs and videos, and we can continue to see people with video calls, and maybe even meet thanks to low-cost planes and high-speed trains, but it is absolutely true that in those years you had to to deal with a tragic reality: after one, two, maybe three weeks of passion, you had to say goodbye to the person who had taken your heart. Maybe you had a photograph, or a small souvenir, a chain, a few letters, but you knew that the chances of never seeing this person again were very high.

L’estate sta finendo didn’t even have a real video. Which is strange considering we were already in 1985, but it must be said that in Italy very few artists made real videos, and this song was created to be broadcast on the radio, played on the beaches, maybe danced in discos or around bonfires.

In any case, the song, however light and nice, was absolutely performed with great skill, because Righeira worked with collaborators of great talent. Among the authors of the song we find Carmelo La Bionda, one of the two brothers who, as musician and producers, had introduced disco music in Italy with songs like I Wanna Be Your Lover.

L’estate sta finendo had a more limited success, geographically, than Vamos A La Playa, but managed to enter the charts and the hearts of many foreign countries, especially Germany and Switzerland, countries where teenagers in the 80s used to spend their summer holidays in Italy. And after a few weeks they were back home singing “L’estate sta finendoooooo…”

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