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This is life

Opus – Live Is Life

Then you all get the power, you all get the best
And everyone gives everything and every song
Everybody sings
Then it's live, live is life
#Opus #LiveIsLife

Summer in 1985 was fantastic. I had the right spirit, my sixteen years, the right company. And the right music. Usually there was a problem: many friends went to England on holiday to learn English, and up there the deejays in the clubs put the music that the girls from northern Europe liked, so my friends heard music that no one else knew in Italy. But at the beginning of June 1985 a song would unite all of Europe in singing together under the Summer stars.

Actually the song had been around for a long time, because Opus were active, especially in their Austria, since 1973! Towards the end of 1984, during a concert in Oberwart, not far from their hometown Graz, they recorded the official video for their most famous song. They performed this song at all concerts because it was telling just how the concerts were the true essence and the real life of the group. And the fans came mostly to listen to this song.

Shooting this video allowed them to be broadcast in other countries, Germany, Italy, and in half Europe, and in short, in those early days of June “Live is life” entered the charts of half of Europe, and the hearts of all Europeans. At the end of June 1985, a few days after entering the charts, Opus organized an “Opus and friends” concert in their Graz where they invited other singers to participate in their concert. And one of the most exciting moments sees Opus supporting Falco, Austria’s greatest talent, to play together “Rock me Amadeus“.

Since those days the song became a symbol of energy and passion, and is used in many stadiums and sports facilities to support the local teams in the moments of warm-up or team presentation.

In 1989 there was an episode that football fans will remember. During the warm-up of the UEFA cup semi-final between Bayern Munich and Napoli, this song was broadcast in the German stadium. Napoli’s iconic player Diego Maradona, began to disinterest himself in the official warm-up, and performed in a series of incredible ball plays to the rhythm of this song. Within seconds the whole stadium stopped and everyone was just watching Maradona performing to the beat of this song.

“Live is life” really remained a milestone hit for the 80s and for Opus, who are still active mostly in Austria.

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