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The song of common people

Paul Young – Love of the Common People

Living on a dream ain't easy
But the closer the knit, the tighter the fit
And the chills stay away
'Cause we take 'em in stride for family pride
#PaulYoung #LoveOfTheCommonPeople

We know by now that every song has its own story and needs to find its way to become famous and get into people’s hearts. This song was born already in the 60s, and among the many artists who sang it, in 1968 there was even Leonard Nimoy, who we know as the formidable interpreter of vulcanian Spock in “Star Trek”.

In fact, none of the many versions could win people’s hearts until the 1980s. In 1982 it was Paul Young’s turn to sing it, and at first he didn’t have the desired success either. The following year, however, Paul Young topped the charts with “Wherever I lay my hat (That’s my home)“, and a second release of this song was planned.

And so, in July 1983, a few days after the release of the album “No Parlez”, this beautiful song was released again in some countries, while in others the new release took place in November. The song was a resounding hit and became one of the true iconic songs of the 80s. In addition to the interpretation of the great Paul, I think the video (in two versions, and perhaps this was the least famous) contributed to the success, and definitely also the participation of the girls singing in colorful sweaters, with their characteristic hand movements. The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts, Kim and Maz, really gave a fundamental contribution to the song, and not just for their backing vocals.

“Love of the common people” is a song I’m particularly attached to, and it takes me back to a very specific moment in my life. In Autumn 1983, when this song was at the top of success, I started high school. A dear friend, a girl who always lived light years ahead, and I bet she still does, organized a party, and this song was played probably thirty times. It doesn’t matter: that day I realized that I was becoming an adult, that life and people would have offered fantastic experiences, people and moments, and that I would have had lots of fun. And I also realized that, thanks to artists like Paul Young, we would have had the best music ever for many years!

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