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Paul Young – Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)

In mid February 1983, a new star was rising in the universe of the 80s. Paul Young had chosen a 1962 Marvin Gaye song, so this song could be classified as a cover. Actually, while fully respecting the lyrics and the melodic structure of the song, Paul Young made such a personal version that in fact they sound like quite different songs.

Paul has been really great: first, he replaced the trumpets of the 60s with more modern instruments and sounds. Then, he added an important presence, that great bass sound that really makes the song peculiar, thanks also to the skills of Pino Palladino, who would later play with many great artists.

Finally, Paul Young slowed down the tempo of the song, and sung it with a sort of melancholy. In fact, as I told you Paul Young created quite a different song, while absolutely respecting the work of Marvin Gaye.

The video, not too complicated, is very beautiful and perfectly reflects make the wandering spirit of the main character, almost adding a note of resignation.

The song was an astonishing success and hence Paul’s career found the boost that mede him one of the absolute stars of the 80s. Few months later he will release his first solo album, “No Parlez”, which will soon become a true milestone of the 80s.

His unmistakable style and voice truly made Paul Young a real icon, and his many many fans fans still love him today as in the 80s.

For I'm the type of boy who is always on the roam
Wherever I lay my hat that's my home
I'm telling you that's my home
#PaulYoung #WhereverILayMyHat

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