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A genius in my neighbourhood

Krisma – Many Kisses (Tirana Love Lunch)

Prescription kisses and some anaesthetic smiles.
Synthetic Kisses
Prescription kisses and some anaesthetic smiles.
Tirana Love Lunch
#Krisma #ManyKisses #TiranaLoveLunch

One of the most fantastic memories of my childhood related to 80s music involves my grandfather. In his Milanese dialect he used to tell me that in a street not far from home lived a weird guy.

He was such a good boy, Maurissio (the name was Maurizio, but old people in Milan did not pronounce the z), the son of Mr. Arcieri whom my grandfather knew. He wanted to be a musician, than he met that girl, that bad german girl – actually she was Swiss, but my grandfather served on ships from Somalia to Germany, not on mountain troops!

Since Maurizio met her, he was no longer the same good guy, and during one of his concerts he even cut one of his fingers off!
And so every time my grandfather concluded with recommendations:

  • be always careful when you go in that street
  • if you see a bad girl with a guy missing one finger, run immediately home
  • if you see on tv a fantastic song by Krisma (KRIStina + MAurizio), called “Many Kisses (Tirana Love Lunch)”… don’t worry Grandpa, in this case I know what to do!!!

Back to serious, Krisma (originally Chrisma, named after Christina, the Swiss girl born in Milan, and Maurizio) were really pioneers in many fields. Maurizio Arcieri was a genius, at least fifteen years ahead of the real world, and this was already clear in the 60s when he started his career.

After meeting Christina, in the late 70s they had formed, all by themselves, the scene of the Italian new wave. There was, however, a fundamental problem: new wave was a rather sad, alienated music, with gloomy sounds. But for Maurizio and Christina this was simply impossible: nothing sad or existentialist could come out of Maurizio, genius of rhythm and electronics, and Christina, wild and overwhelming in everything, with a sensuality that filled the scene.

And so Krisma created songs with sounds similar to new wave, but with a different rhythm. In October 1980, they entered the charts in Italy and Europe with their biggest hit, “Many kisses (Tirana love lunch)”, a mix of English sentences about hospitals and synthetic kisses on a truly irresistible electronic base.

Krisma were alone against the world, yet with their song they surpassed in the charts worldwide famous hits like Diana Ross’s “Upside Down”. And they could only be alone against the world, since no other artist was such in advance as they were. Just to give the idea of what a pioneer Maurizio and Christina were, in the early 90s Krisma were the first to take the challenge to launch a satellite channel dedicated to experiments with music and art in the world, “Krisma TV”. And it was a huge success even if actually no one could see it, because very few people had satellite dishes at the time!

This song has no real video, but we can see a snippet of a tv-show where Krisma performed this fantastic song.

The journey of Krisma, after decades of exceptional music, some provocation, technological experiments and boundless love from their audience, ended on January 29, 2015, when Maurizio Arcieri died at the age of 72.

But Krisma’s legend will never end, in 80s dinosaurs’ hearts!!!

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