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The power of the family

Novecento – Movin’ on

I'm goin' to start a brand new story
I know it's all I need to stay alive
My love will never keep me now
From movin' on, movin' on
#Novecento #MovinOn

The area the surrounds the city of Milan was often the source of that driving force that led to writing, singing and playing the notes and lyrics of the splendid decade, especially when the so-called “Italo Disco” was unleashed.

In 1984 a group of guys from San Giuliano Milanese, a few kilometers from Milan, found an incredible success. Actually they are a real family who has been able to organize very well the distribution also abroad of their musical creations, giving also birth to parallel projects for the last twenty years of the last century and proving themselves able to return to the front line, always as winners, in 2008.

Yet, the general public knows them for a single, unforgettable song, indelible success that still flows into the naïve ears of the dinosaurs of the 80s. Of course we are talking about Novecento and that melodious masterpiece of Movin’ On.

They are a real family, with Pino, Lino and Rossana Nicolosi play, with the addition of the fantastic voice of Dora Carofiglio, who will soon marry Lino. They have the intuition and the opportunity to set up their own recording studio, self-producing their albums and entrusting their distribution to Italian “pure 80’s” labels, such as Five Records and Baby Records, and to real international giants (WEA and Warner Music on all).

They use several names for their group, giving rise to some commercial hits, one of which (Call Me Mr. Telephone) will be taken by Cheyne to number one on the hit parade in the United States in 1985.

First, however, came 1984: together with the definitive name of their group (finally they took the name of Novecento), during Spring they became famous for the resounding success of Movin’ On. With this song the boys won a popular tv music contest in Italy named Azzurro as the best revelation and then remained special guests of another tv music contest, Festivalbar, for that same year and the next.

Starting from that moment, whatever they touch is bound to triumph; having to choose a couple of peaks, you could name a the great success in the advertising world (with Excessive Love accompanying a famous yoghurt brand in the 80’s) and with the “Valerie Dore project”, the creation of a singer with the face and body of Monica Stucchi (who will then take the name of art from the project) and the voice of Dora Carofiglio, at least in the famous hit The Night. In other songs, Monica\Valerie will be dubbed by Monica Zanini, the voice of Martinelli and of great hits like Cinderella, another milestone of Italo-Disco.

At the turn of the millennium change, with a new record studio, they get close to the world of Jazz, becoming international producers of some great successes and this is a story that continues. In 2008 (24 years after Movin’ On) they had the satisfaction of returning with two more singles welcomed with great favor: Cry (which becomes in a few days the most downloaded song from iTunes!!!) and Stop the Time.

Movin’ On is the story of an abandoned lover, but she (since we hear the fabulous voice of Dora) overcomes the pain and goes on in search of a new story. It almost seems to catch a glimpse of Nicolosi crew’s resolution to overcome every kind of problem. The video of the song can be find today only in this clip, the closing track of a TV music show.

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