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This song again!

Betti Villani – De nuevo tu

De nuevo tú
la incorregible
Mas dejarte no es posible
No dejarte no es posible
#BettiVillani #DeNuevoTu

For many Italians, Ancora tu reminds of Lucio Battisti, probably the most famous and the first Italian pop singer in the 70s. But those who were young and remember the summer of 1988, and have an excellent memory, could perhaps also remember another name, Betti Villani.

In June the great summer musical TV-shows began, and the most important program was undoubtedly Festivalbar. And an unknown singer took part in the Festivalbar that year, with a summer dance cover of a rather well-known song, with the original title Ancora Tu, meaning “It’s you again”, released in 1976.

Betti Villani (often credited as “Betty” but it was written with an “i” on the record cover) was a girl from northern Italy who had had various experiences as a backup voice in many songs and TV shows, and who, following a series of collaborations, had been invited to participate in the event. To transform a song by Lucio Battisti into a summer and dance song, however, Betti had the idea of transforming the text into Spanish, as well as arranging it in a more modern way.

In that Festivalbar Betti had a good visibility and had a good success, and it must be considered that she was absolutely in excellent company, and therefore getting noticed was not easy: that year there were songs like Don’t turn around by Aswad, Broken Land by The Adventures , Yéké Yéké by Mori Kanté, the beautiful Wonderful Life by Black, Joe le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis, Reckless by Afrika Bambaataa, and many others. INXS also participated in an evening with Devil Inside. The edition was won by the beautiful and unforgettable Pregherei (Let The Day) by Scialpi and Scarlett. Many of the shows where broadcasted by the famous disco club Ku in Ibiza.

De nuevo tu did not have a real video: it was a song recorded and designed for the dance world, supported in best effort by the recordings of the broadcasts in which Betti participated. This may have been common in the early 1980s, but in 1988 it certainly limited the song’s circulation.

In a certain sense this title turned out to be a kind of retaliation, because the only one which cannot be said “You again” is probably Betti herself! Because after the great success with this version of the song, very catchy for the summer, the good Betty disappeared! Despite her success, despite being certainly a talented and handsome girl, Betti Villani soon went missing, at least as a singer. So, let’s hear this beautiful song again!

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