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Sandy Marton – People From Ibiza

People from Ibiza, oh, people from Ibiza
Boys from Wonderland
People from Ibiza, oh, people from Ibiza
Girls from Wonderland
#SandyMarton #PeopleFromIbiza

The transition happening in the early 80s, from slightly basic electronics to more structured sounds is best personified by a boy who comes from Yugoslavia. He was discovered by great Italian producer and DJ Claudio Cecchetto (we see him at the beginning of the video), who in 1983 invented for this guy the stage name of M-Basic. And the guy impressed all of us with a computerized piece of music in the song OK Run, with lyrics created out of PC instructions like Copy, Modify, Play, Save.

The following year the guy returns with the same (lucky) hair but with brand new song, sound, and even name. And the world is ready for a youth hymn, which, while maintaining an electronic base (the boy, however, does not learn to play), is refined by a dreamy text and some instrumental riffs. And so, at the end of June 1984, he released People from Ibiza, a song destined to change in many countries the course of the summer of that year, and probably an entire piece of the 80s (in Italy, it was certainly so).

The text, written by Aleksandar (Sandy) Marton, exalts Ibiza as the home of fun and mutual knowledge, a true gateway to the world of the people of the night.

Sandy Marton is successful because he is handsome and takes care of his look very well (but in the 80s this was simple), but he is not a trivial character; in addition to being the son of a Yugoslav consul, when he is included as an interviewer in a TV program about the 80s twenty years later, he found a way to make a real journalist scoop, and interviewed a former Italian Prime Minister exiled in Tunisia.

The song, simple but irresistible, did not even have a real video, so we have to be satisfied with the footage of one of the many music festivals of the summer of 1984.

Faithful to his role (thank you), Sandy lives in Ibiza together with his dog. People from Ibiza, on the other hand, has remained faithful to its role as an iconic song for parties and summers of the 80s. But Sandy years later used to say that this song was “a silly thing”!

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