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a-Ha – Stay on these roads

In May 1988 a-Ha released “Stay on these roads” as their third album. It was a kind of conclusion of their 80s career, even though they continued creating and playing great music afterwards. This album featured great songs, like this, or like “The living daylights“, which they released as a single one year before, a s a soundtrack for the 007 movie. The album was quite successful and reached the top of the charts in many countries. It is true that it generally spent less time than a-Ha’s other albums on top of the charts. In Norway to be honest it stayed on top for a lot of weeks. Almost three years has passed since the success of “Take on me” and of the album “Hunting high and low”. We were almost at the end of the 80s and it was not so easy to repeat the success of previous hits and albums. Music tastes changed radically, teenagers grew up in a while, new musical technologies influenced the production of music. But once again talent and competence, and I am talking about a-Ha of course, were the best recipe for success.

Old man feels the cold
Oh baby don't
'cause I've been told
Stay on these roads
We shall meet, I know
#aHa #StayOnTheseRoads

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