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Someone call a doctor!

Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor!

Dance with me
Across the sea
And we can feel the motion of a thousand dreams
Doctor! Doctor!
Can’t you see I’m burning, burning?


The last days of January 1984 saw the release of one of the best known and most appreciated songs for a very particular group,

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Quarrels in love

Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now

In the 80’s there were several groups with love feelings between group members; sometimes it was something that kept the groups together, and sometimes it generated conflicts. The purest example, in my opinion, is probably Nu Shooz, the group of I Can’t Wait and Point of no Return,

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Singing and working

Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up

Songs and work have always been a delicate combination, especially when it comes to the songs of workers in desperate conditions. And often, from despair, great music was born. The first example that comes to mind is blues, with its origins in the songs of slaves working in cotton plantations in the southern United States,

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On the side of love

Thompson Twins – Love on your side

January 1983 was really important for the history and career of Thompson Twins. They had borrowed their name from the funny detectives of the novel “Tin Tin”, Thomson and Thompson. At those times the Thompson Twins were living in the suburbs of London,

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