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Billy Idol – To be a lover

“To be a lover” brings us back to Oct 15, 1986, when a genius of the 80s released his most famous album, “Whiplash smile”. He was able to play a very original character, aggressive only at first sight, with great intelligence, and with an excellent quality of music, in my opinion. Billy Idol, starting with the story of his nickname, the teacher forcing him to write “William is idle” lots of times to punish him for low attention, and the sentence turning slowly into “Billy Idol” by itself, has always shown great attention and study in everything he did, actually; he created a look with humour but also boldness, he always surrounded himself with excellent musicians who are definitely part of his success, I just mention Stevie Stevens, please inform if you don’t know him yet! And look also at the “Storytellers” series interview – fantastic. Billy is really an Idol!

When I realized
That you need love too,
Gonna spend my life
Makin' love to you. (Forgot to be a lover)
#BillyIdol #ToBeALover

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