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Not shy at all

Kajagoogoo – Too shy

Ooh, baby try
Hey girl
Move a little closer
You're too shy shy, hush-hush, eye to eye
#Kajagoogoo #TooShy

In January 1983 we were completely immersed in the first phase of the 80s. We had lots of new albums and singles every month, and we got to know new groups and new artists very often! I was still in my mid schools, I was just 13, and I really looked forward to turn my radio on and listen to these fantastic British hits, or to watch on the tv any program with videos or popstars.

And it was a period full of creativity! In those very days a completely unknown but absolutely interesting group released their first single. Let’s begin with the name: Kajagoogoo. Whatever it means, probably nothing, it’s a heck of a name, I bet you agree with me! I discovered later that this sound just wants to remind the newborns’ verses!

Then, this absolute alien! A kind of elf with a glamourous haircut in two colors, with just a name: Limahl. Which is actually an anagram of his real name, born Christopher Hamill, but it’s a fantastic anagram!

And of course there was this fantastic hit, with a great mix of electronic sounds and lyrics, and this video with this gorgeous girl, the most beautiful in the place, all alone while Kajagoogoo play and everybody dances. And Limahl looked glamorous, in his yellow shirt. But the girl is too shy, as the title says. Instead, Limahl did not look shy at all, he seemed rather at ease 🙂

Many people said that Kajagoogoo wanted to look like Duran Duran. It was more than a coincidence, since the producers of this hit were Nick Rhodes and the same guys who produced Duran Duran at those times, so maybe there was some reason!

Time went by: Limahl’s talent and creativity brought him to leave Kajagoogoo (who later became “Kaja”), and start a solo career with the evergreen “The NeverEnding Story“. And actually after decades Limahl and Kajagoogoo are still in everybody’s memories. So it was not just a question of look!

Kajagoogoo and Limahl on Wikipedia

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