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The sweetest dream

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

When we are in a good period, we realize it quite soon. It was not a good moment for “The Tourists”, an unknown British band, so two members, Dave and Annie, decided to leave the group in 1980, and try something new on their own. Dave was passionate about electronics and market was offering new instruments and technologies at almost affordable prices.

Dave and Annie also broke their sentimental relationship to better work on their professional dreams, but kept on working together on their own project, and also rent a space where they could build their own small recording studio. The first two albums were not so memorable, and Annie suffered from frustration, and lived a negative period of her life. Dave was more of an optimist,confident that his new sounds would sooner or later make them visible in the pop scene.

And he was right, because on January 21, 1983, they released their third album and everything changed, especially due to a song with the same title of the album. Still today, when we Dinosaurs talk about Eurythmics,this was the name of the new group, our brain plays the intro of this fantastic song, “Sweet dreams (are made of this)”. The hit was then released as a single in May.

“Sweet dreams” is really the signature song for Eurythmics, who of course will create lots of other fantastic albums and songs in the following years, and will become absolute stars of the 80s. Dave Stewart was one of the first absolute geniuses of the 80s: a genius in the sounds he created, in the videos that he realized. Annie Lennox was the real European pop queen of the 80s. Unreachable icon of talent and style, with all the courage that was necessary to show for the first time an androgynous look. Shortened orange hair, in a man’s attire, with a cane in her hands, drilling eyes and austere look. Absolutely upsetting. Absolutely fascinating.

If the song is irresistible, the video is a real masterpiece. A flow of alternating scenes, with some elements designed to stay forever in the audience’s eyes. One for all, the cow walking around the table on which Dave and Annie are lying. A scene that Annie remembered as “one of the more surreal experiences” of her life.The work of a genius!

This hit and this video really changed Eurythmics’ history and, after all, the history of the 80s and of all of us. On that day a new period began for the 80s and of course for Eurythmics, who started to relize all their sweetest dreams.


Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart and Eurythmics on Wikipedia

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