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In disco clubs with a turbo

Albert One – Turbo Diesel

Saturday night - I win at Le Mans,
Risking my life - I wave to my fans,
Monaco lights - Champagne on ice,
Now I´m a star - Driving my car
#AlbertOne #TurboDiesel

Turbo Diesel, of course. The name Alberto Carpani will probably tell not much to many of you, at least because at the time of his greatest success he used the nickname Albert One, which roughly translates – without the space – to “Big Alberto” in Italian.

He was an eclectic character, who actually had already some notoriety with other nicknames, such as Jock Hattle and others. We are in the years of the first Italo Disco, the days of Baby Records and Mixage compilations, the days of our my first days and nights in clubs, in short.

“Turbo Diesel” was his highlight, and his song was a boost in all the clubs, not just in Italy. A disco hit, without many ambitions of being a deep song, certainly compelling and engaging, with an incredible electronic base. His song had to be present in every club night, just like other incredible hits, such as Scotch’s “Disco Band”, or the incredible “Donna rouge” by Fake.

During his career he also produced song for others, sometimes also using his real name :), especially for singles the Italian TV stars in the 80s like Lorella Cuccarini, Heather Parisi and Raffaella Carrà; the songs of Italian Saturday night TV shows, in short.

Albert One kept us company since the 80s with the honking of his cars; who knows who will finally be the hero of the grand prix in the end? 🙂

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