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It’s raining stars

Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora – When the Rain Begins to Fall

And when the rain begins to fall
You'll ride my rainbow in the sky
And I will catch you if you fall
You'll never have to ask me why
#JermaineJackson #PiaZadora #WhenTheRainBeginsToFall

Actually, When the Rain Begins to Fall contains at least a couple of stars. Maybe they weren’t exactly the symbols of the 80s, but we still remember them and so it’s nice to celebrate them.

We knew Jermaine Jackson quite well, the family name endorsed him, let’s say. After spending his teens in the Jackson 5 with Tito, Jackie, Marlon and of course Michael, and after looking for his own path, good Jermaine, who was ultimately the most famous after Michael anyway, returned with the brothers in 1984, for the reunion of the “Jacksons” (without the “5”). Jermaine was married to Hazel, sister of Rockwell, the singer of Somebody’s Watching Me, and that’s why we heard him with Michael in that song.

After the deserved success of the Jacksons with hits like Torture, Jermaine searched his way again and, during 1984, on this road he met Pia Zadora, who was trying to figure out if she wanted to be a great actress or a great singer or what. Pia was in a period of good visibility especially in America, where she had started acting as a child, so she was a quite familiar face.

Pia Zadora was born in America, but she is the daughter of a famous violinist of Italian origin, so much so that she has an Italian surname. Her mother, on the other hand, was Polish, and her stage name Zadora derives from the first part of her mother’s surname. So, really, God made them and paired them, and put them together for this song, which was also the soundtrack of a film less than memorable, entitled Voyage of the Rock Aliens.

If this sounds like the classic B-movie title, you’re right. The film was about aliens going through the universe to discover the origin of rock music, and towards the beginning they explore some planets, and on one of them they hear When the Rain Begins to Fall. The funny thing is that they immediately discard that planet, only to reach Earth shortly thereafter. The song is then still heard at the end of the film, with no real context. Let’s say that maybe the film was not the best, but the song was instead a great success, not only in the United States, but also in several European countries where the film had not even been released.

The song is obviously a great metaphor, with the rain representing the troubles of life, but luckily there is someone nearby who is our sun, and the rainbow will shine again. Pia and Jermaine also shot a video that i really love, and it is impossible to forget it, also because it is a bit excessive in the clothing and accessories of all the actors, and I would say also in Pia’s hairstyles.

The nice thing is that the video was shot in a small village in central Italy, with all chances the village of origin of Pia’s father family, and Pia flew with Jermaine on her personal plane to reach Italy and shoot the video. I’d have paid to be able to see the inhabitants of that village who in 1984 find their city blocked by two strangers, one of whom is said to be Michael Jackson’s brother, who dressed as Martians shoot a video running around the town: it must have been a fantastic scene!!!

In the end, however, we can say that Jermaine and Pia made a great song and a great video, and finally had the success they were looking for, even if they weren’t that close to the top positions. In those days the top sellers were songs like Freedom by Wham!, The Wild Boys by Duran Duran, I Feel for You by Chaka Khan… well, it wasn’t easy! However, it is a fact that we still remember this song and we still like it a lot!

Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora on Wikipedia

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