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The corners of life

George Michael – A Different Corner

Take me back in time maybe I can forget
Turn a different corner and we never would have met
Would you care
#ADifferentCorner #GeorgeMichael

In each and every life, we know, there are sliding doors, those apparently trivial moments when we actually decide the direction of life, but there are also certain angles that give us new perspectives, and we read the same scenes and situations through a different light, and in short, find new interpretations and inspirations for our own life.

Perhaps that’s what George Michael meant with “A different corner.” The song was released in early April 1986, and in fact it was a particular song that came at a particular time. George Michael was still a member of the Wham! but Andrew Ridgeley and he had already announced that the group would disband in a few months, not before they had given fans one last album, one last single, and above all an epic farewell concert, the famous “The Final” of June 28, 1986 at Wembley .

And so this song was also a preview of the new George Michael, solo artist, intimate, mature. Europeans had also known George’s solo experience of “Careless Whisper”, while in the United States this song was credited to Wham! Over the years, we heard a little bit of everything in the various interviews about this song, sometimes it was autobiographical, sometimes a memory of the past, or an invented sentimental situation, and in such cases the truth is usually in the middle.

The important thing is that we are listening to a beautiful song, which topped the charts in many countries, and that accompanied us to a historic moment of 80s music, that embrace between George and Andrew that marked the end of Wham!, and the beginning of George Michael’s new life.

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