Baby can I hold you - Tracy Chapman- The beauty of simple words

The beauty of simple words

Tracy Chapman – Baby can I hold you

“Baby can I hold you” is surely one of the most beautiful songs of Tracy Chapman. In October 1988 Tracy released this song as the third single form her eponymous album. This song followed the success of “Fast car” e “Talkin’ ’bout a revolution”.

If we look at numbers, this song did not reach the top places in the charts. Other Tracy’s songs did better, numbers say. But when we listen to the song, no doubt that this is a wonderful song. And when we read the lyrics, so simple yet so effective, direct, we feel emotion. It is true, becauseeasiest things and words do carry the strongest emotions. And sometimes the right word at the right time is really the simplest one. The first word that comes to our mind.

We have an evidence supporting the fact that this is really a wonderful song. Many artists covered this song lots of times, and this is a kind of trademark for the wonderful songs of the 80s. Maybe they found little success in their first periods, but they boosted later, and every artist sang or covered them. In fact, “baby can I hold you” received many covers, and the most famous was by Tracy herself, together with the great unforgettable tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

Baby can I hold you tonight?
Baby, if I told you the right words
Oooh, at the right time
You'll be mine
#TracyChapman #BabyCanIHoldYou

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