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The Mighty Wah! – Come Back

"I don't want charity, just half a chance
and it's all up to you, yes it's all up to you"
Come Back! I'm willing to try
Come Back! Don't let time go by
#ComeBack #TheMightyWah #PeteWylie

In the early 80s England was really full of talent and creativity. Very creative people didn’t always achieve success and fame immediately, their talent often took them on more complicated, maybe less commercial roads, more distant from the big majors, and success took longer to show.

Pete Wylie was arguably one of the most genuine, creative and original artists of that period. Active since the late 1970s, he took part in an impressive number of groups and projects, staying almost always in his beloved Liverpool Liverpool, his proud hometown.

And so after creating or participating in various little-known projects and groups such as the Crucial Three, Spitfire Boys, Crash course, in the early 80s he came across the three letters that would change his life, and founded the group of “Wah! Heat.” Then over time they became only “Wah!” and in 1984 they changed again, and with the name “The Mighty Wah!” they found the highest point of their success, when in June this fantastic song “Come back” entered the British charts first, and then many other charts.

By the way, please be aware that “Wah!”, in any form, was always written with the exclamation mark, a few years before “”Wham!” 🙂

The song is a discussion on the daily problems of the middle class of the big hearted Liverpool, and an invitation to react all together for a future full of confidence. A beautiful song, which also contains a tribute to his city and his football team in a verse that says (I invite you to listen to the song and find it) “you’ll never walk alone”, the famous anthem of the “Reds” playing at Anfield Road, and in the badge in the first frame of the video.

The video is also very particular and original, and this is quite common in Wylie’s videos. In fact, Pete will find at least one more moment of great international fame, three years after this song, when he will record the beautiful “Sinful!” with his own name (not really, because the full name of the group will be “Pete Wylie and Oedipus Wrecks”, but let’s not enter in details…)

Finally, talking about Pete Wylie and The Mighty Wah! it’s definitely an opportunity to remember the outstanding Josie Jones, proudly from Merseyside, whom we see in the video and who was Pete’s partner in life and music. An unforgettable presence and charisma, an unparalleled voice (which we will also hear in “Sinful!”), and unfortunately so much bad luck, because she left us in March 2015. Pete himself communicated the sad news on social media.

Pete Wylie on Wikipedia

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