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From the world to the exile

Richenel – Dance around the world

Imagine how we both can play
All through the night until another day
Nothing can break our stride
When we hold each other tight
#Richenel #DanceAroundTheWorld

Over time, several countries have been considered by younger generations as cradle and destination of freedom, almost never with a political sense, almost always following a certain musical mystique of the moment; hence the perennial passion for England, for on the road and surfing in the USA, for the Caribbean and Latin America, for Parisian bistros.

And, of course, for Holland and its great open-mindedness; of course, we 80s Dinosaurs were attracted above all by a couple of other items… Thinking of the combination “Holland –80’s music”, the first memory that comes to mind is Richenel (died March 10, 2020) and his Dance Around the World, which vigorously entered and climber European charts at the end of April 1987.

Actually the Netherlands gave much more to the 80s, starting with a duo of fantastic producers, the Bolland brothers, Rob and Ferdi, thanks to whom we were able to admire the blossoming of real 80-carat pearls such as Falco (they produced Rock me Amadeus), Amii Stewart and that living icon of Samantha Fox!

And then, thanks to music, we could understand that even in this case the whole world is a country, because all 80s Dinosaurs all over the world thought of Amsterdam as a libertarian goddess, like we were doing.

But now it’s time to think about a crazy guy named Hubertus Richenel Baars. Certainly fundamental, for the construction of his success, were his androgynous appearance and his rather ambiguous look, but this must not hide his evident artistic talent.

Richenel began his career as a member of the dance group Luxor, simultaneously combining many performances as a dancer and transformist artist in the premises of the Dutch capital, also with the famous RoXY.

Until the first half of the 1990s, he achieved several international hits with dance songs and albums, also managing to be covered by the R&B band The S.O.S. and have a song written by George Michael (under the pseudonym R. Phillips).

Realizing that the dance success was over, he moved to Spain, engaging in a long series of dance projects and making himself known as a jazz singer. In 2009 he released his last album (Artist in Exile) with disco, dance and lounge influences, and then re-released his body and soul into the jazz scene. Richenel was actually only in exile artistically, because the success of Dance Around The World keeps him forever in the hearts and memories of the Dinosaurs of the 80s.

Richenel on Wikipedia – but you need to know Flemish!

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