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Level 42 – Lessons In Love

If we lose the time before us
The future will ignore us
We should use it, we could use it, yeah
Lessons in love
#Level42 #LessonsInLove

Do you remember that book where they said that 42 was the answer to the definitive question about life and the universe and everything, and the question was not clear but the answer was? Well, that was the origin and inspiration for the name of this fantastic group, who in the central part of the 80’s climbed the charts with a lot of fantastic songs.

Level 42 had been around for several years, in fact they formed in 1979. Actually Mark King and the Gould brothers had always known each other, having attended the same schools on the Isle of Wight, where they all came from. Over the years they had met other important members and collaborators, such as keyboardist Mike Lindup or Wally Badarou, who was not really part of the group but always collaborated closely.

The funny thing is that Mark King had the role of drummer and also played keyboards, but at some point he had to sell the drums, and the roles in the group changed a bit. Mark decided that he could learn to play the bass, he was really a versatile musician, and within a few weeks he not only learned to play the bass, but he even became a master of the thumb slap technique. A style that made him absolutely famous and recognizable.

After a few years and a few albums, the turning point in Level 42’s career came in 1985 with the album World Machine and above all with the song Something about you, which made style, sounds and voices of Level 42 famous throughout Europe. And in a certain sense this song paved the way for the golden period of this group, who experienced a magical moment in April 1986, when they launched this beautiful Lessons in love. The song even reached third place in the UK charts, and in many other countries it did even better. The single was then inserted the following year on the album Running in the Family.

Lessons in love, featuring Mike Lindup’s signature falsetto choruses and Mark King’s leading vocals, is a song that talks about the difficulties of a love story, and drew an interesting parallel to the construction of a house, which is clearly shown in the video. In the lyrics of the song we look at this story and try to draw some lessons from it, in order to build another house even more beautiful and solid for our feelings.

From the late 80s onwards, Level 42 often changed their lineup, but their fantastic career continues to this day, and their success still has two fixed points, Mike Lindup and of course the immense Mark King.

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