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A dirty rock song

Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana

I've been here times before
But I was too blind to see
That you seduce every man
This time you won't seduce me
#MichaelJackson #DirtyDiana

The King of Pop released “Dirty Diana” on Apr 18, 1988. This was the fifth single out of the album “Bad”, after “I just can’t stop loving you“, “Bad“, “The way you make me feel“, and “Man in the mirror“. The song is very strong. Michael Jackson found again the rock energy of “Beat it”. He created teasing lyrics, and most of all, he added a guitar solo which nobody will ever forget. It was played by the fantastic Stevie Stevens, Billy Idol’s guitarist, a real living legend.

It’s impossible not to feel the energy of this song. Of course people created a lot of gossip around the figure of the mysterious Dirty Diana. Michael Jackson always sustained she is a pure fictional character, to be honest, but some coincidence led to different theories. Of course, the first guess involved Diana Ross, long-time friend of the King, since long time really venerated by the King. Some say they have been in a youth relationship (youth… but she was 14 years older!). Actually Michael Jackson always clearly stated that the Dirty Diana was not the Ross Diana. She always joked on this topic, however, and started using a bit of this song as an introduction for her concerts.

Quincy Jones, the producer of “Bad”, tried to mess things up saying that Diana was actually a groupie, with a fantasy name. In my opinion, the most beautiful story (and this story is absolutely true) is related to the dearly beloved and absolutely unforgettable Princess Diana.

So, some rumours really spread with this unlikely connection. When the Bad Tour landed in Wembley Stadium in London, Michael Jackson happened to know that Lady Di would personally attend the concert! He really worried about this, and took the song off the set list. Just before the concert, the King of Pop could personally meet the Prince and Princess of Wales. Then he explained that he had removed the song from the set list for that evening. Lady Di was really sorry and disappointed about that, and asked “Oh no… why did you do this? It’s one of my favourite songs!! Please!!” And so, finally, The King performed with “Dirty Diana” in front of the whole Royal Family! Isn’t this a beautiful story??

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