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Three divided by two

Matt Bianco – Don’t blame it on that girl

When “Don’t blame it on that girl” climbed the charts, in June 1988, we were wondering if it was the same Matt Bianco as few years before. The Matt Bianco of “Sneaking out the back door” and “Whose side are you on”, in other words. It was a similar music, the same titles extremely long, but the voices were completely different. And it was true: of the original members’ voices, only Mark Reilly was still there. Everybody called him “Matt Bianco” but that was just a fiction name he gave to the group, actually. He said that it sounded like a spy’s name, a good sound. More than other, the fantastic voice of the female singer was missing (she was a very beautiful woman as well).

This is the story of Matt Bianco, a fantastic group that was never too united. In their golden age, it was a group of three. But the singer with a beautiful voice and a terrific family name (Trzetrzelewska) parted from Mark’s artistic projects. Danny White, the third member of the group, chose between the two contestants… and he chose the girl. They formed a couple in life and a group in art, named after her first name, Basia. “Matt” Mark Reilly started then to hire voices, singers and chorus song by song, that’s why the voices sound so different from song to song.

For the sake of completion, many many years after, almost twenty years, Matt Bianco was in minor success. The two Basia’s were in even worse luck, and the three guys decided for the reunion. Actually they were starting to find success again, in about one year. But after some months, Danny and Basia decided again that they could now do without Mark… and worldwide success as a group became a memory for all of them.

Nobody you can blame
You've got to stake your claim
Make it your aim.
Don't blame it on that girl
#MattBianco #DontBlameItOnThatGirl

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