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 “Flashdance” is definitely an iconic movie of the 80s. Every teenager in the 80s lived with passion and energy the story of Alex Owens. She works in a steel plant in Pittsburgh. After all sort of troubles, thanks to her strong will, Alex becomes a dancer and finds her place in society.

The movie had an intriguing plot, but also very modern and energizing images and scenes, especially during the dance routines.

Music and dance were the focus of the movie, so the soundtrack had to be irresistible, to make everybody dance. And it was! Everybody remembers at least the two main songs. Everybody danced to “Flashdance… what a feeling” by Irene Cara, and the irresistible “Maniac”, by Michael Sembello.

That’s why “Flashdance” became one of the iconic movies of the 80s. Let’s see the story of the soundtrack in this video by Starlight Video Productions.

This is the complete soundtrack

Flashdance… What a Feeling (Irene Cara)
He’s a Dream (Shandi Sinnamon)
Love Theme from “Flashdance” (Helen St. John)
Manhunt (Karen Kamon)
Lady, Lady, Lady (Joe ‘Bean” Esposito)
Imagination (Laura Branigan)
Romeo (Donna Summer)
Seduce Me Tonight (Cycle V)
I’ll Be Here Where the Heart Is (Kim Carnes)
Maniac (Michael Sembello)

Flashdance soundtrack on Wikipedia

Flashdance on Wikipedia

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