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T.X.T. – Girl’s Got A Brand New Toy

Make a decision there's no time to loose
Dream of the night, love will let you in.
'Cause little tin soldiers won't tell you the truth
Don't hide away, only your heart can win.
#TXT #GirlsGotABrandNewToy

Summer of 1985 was probably the highest and purest period of the 80s, we have said this many times, and not only because of Live Aid. The months between April and August of that year saw a multitude of new groups and great successes like few other periods in history. Of course, not all of these groups would have great careers, and some could not replicate the success of the first experience. Including the T.X.T., yes, just like the notepad files but with dots, who were artistically children of Germany, although one of them evidently carried his English roots with him.

Markus Moerl was the classic German young man, blak haired as many German singers of the 1980s. Yes, because in Germany this format was quite successful: a male group of two elements, singing in English, a blond ephebian guy and a slightly more macho black haired partner. We had seen the Twins, Modern Talking, and others: the European public appreciated this format. And so if Markus, as he is still called, without his surname, wore black hair, his partner had to be blond. And Mark Jefferis was the ideal person: not only was he blond, but he was English, and he brought with him that new wave androgynous trend, in sounds and appearance, which had decreed the success of artists like Depeche Mode, for example.

And so T.X.T. were the right group to break through, if we think that their music was really loaded with all these successful trends. In early July 1985, they released this fantastic song, partly dark and intimate, which really achieved a resounding success. I have to say that after hearing “Girl’s got a brand new toy” I got their album, “Cold as ice”, and I have to say that it was really a fantastic album! Many albums were sort of underestimated, especially when they were debut albums by very young bands. Yet many years later I have to say that they were masterpieces (I can definitely mention also “Forever Young” by Alphaville, one of the most beautiful albums of the 80s).

The video for this song is also very particular, and I must say that it also reflects a certain depth of the text, with the story of the girl who has to make decisions, but all in all she lives her life changing the people around her like toys: there will always be a new one more interesting than the previous ones.

T.X.T., despite the success, did not go beyond the first album, probably due to differences between them and with the record company. A real shame, because they had it took to be a great great group!!!

T.X.T. on Wikipedia (in German)

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