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A golden season

Spandau Ballet – Gold

After the rush has gone
I hope you find a little more time
Remember we were partners in crime
It's only two years ago
#SpandauBallet #Gold

The months between Spring and Summer 1983 were probably experienced by Spandau Ballet as an absolutely golden period for their careers. In March, they released the album “True”, followed by the single “True” in April, which achieved a resounding success, the kind of success that seems impossible to repeat. Actually, just a few months later, they released another single and another video that really contributed to write the great history of Spandau Ballet and of the ’80s: Gold.

Let’s start from the video: beautiful, exotic, intriguing. This was probably Spandau’s answer to Duran Duran’s “Rio” album videos. Actually these videos share many things in common: exotic environments and colors, colonies dress, the female element in the middle between escape and chase. Was this just for inspiration, or was it a deliberate strategy to trigger the same emotions?

The story of this song is less complicated than the story of “True“, where Gary Kemp took inspiration from a very strong and platonic passion he was feeling. In this case, he was loosely based on James Bond movies, and probably under the spell and glamour of all the great success that surrounded the band in those days. And so Gary composed the song in his family bedroom as usual and called his favorite devil’s advocate, his brother Martin, to hear as always what he thought. And Martin, without hesitation, said it was a great hit.

All that was missing was the title, which Gary Kemp thought was very important for the success of a song. A great song could be impacted by a wrong or insignificant title. In this case it was quite simple: they were loosely inspired by James Bond, they were living in a golden age, and the title came immediately. Can we assume, given the inspiration from the Agent 007 films, that it comes from “Goldfinger”? We don’t know, but it’s likely, since the lyrics of the song also talk about partners in crime!

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