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Howard Jones

In my humble opinion, Howard Jones is one of those few artists who really created the 80s. I mean, he had an impact, he was a kind of a pioneer with his very own sounds and songs, and those fantastic lyrics. The whole album “Dream into action” is still a masterpiece, and so was “Human’s lib”, and songs like “New song” and “Like to get to know you well”. Howard Jones today is a great mature and experienced artist, thanks God he still plays and shows, and even if I never succeeded in seeing him live, I am absolutely sure that it will be a show that I can’t afford to miss. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the kings of the 80s; mister Howard Jones playing probably his sweetest song, in 1985…

…and in 2015. It had to be so cold in Glasgow that day, look at his clothes, but when he really starts singing, his voice warms the air. Fantastic. Thanks, Howard Jones!

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