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Mothers and sons

Howard Jones – Look Mama

I gotta make my own mistakes
Why can’t you treat me like a friend?
Look mama I love you
But you gotta let me live my life


We have said many times that the period between the end of 1984 and the Summer of 1985,

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From good to better!

Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better

The beginning of 1985 marked an important test for Howard Jones’ career and ambitions. Within a year and a half he made himself famous and appreciated almost everywhere, since his first single “New Song”, which was released in August 1983.

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Colors of the world

Howard Jones – Like To Get To Know You Well

What do Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, the Soviet Union, Iran, the South African Republic, Sweden, Angola, Israel and Belgium have in common? Or Pakistan, Central African Republic, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Japan? I know,

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Insecurity and feelings

Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame

On March 15, 1986, the great Howard Jones released one of his finest songs, and also one of the most beautiful songs of the 80s overall. Actually, “No one is to blame” had been around for an exact year, that is,

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Howard Jones

In my humble opinion, Howard Jones is one of those few artists who really created the 80s. I mean, he had an impact, he was a kind of a pioneer with his very own sounds and songs, and those fantastic lyrics. The whole album “Dream into action” is still a masterpiece,

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