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Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better

Get to sixty and feel no regret
It may take a little time
A lonely path, an uphill climb
Success or failure will not alter it
#HowardJones #ThingsCanOnlyGetBetter

The beginning of 1985 marked an important test for Howard Jones’ career and ambitions. Within a year and a half he made himself famous and appreciated almost everywhere, since his first single “New Song”, which was released in August 1983. In the following months he climbed the charts with “What is love”, and in March 1984 he released his first album, “Human’s lib”.

It was an immense success, and Howard Jones indeed became one of Europe’s leading emerging artists. In 1984, in time for the Los Angeles Olympics, Howard launched a song with a fascinating sound and video, “Like to get to know you well“, which absolutely brought him closer to the big names of British pop. Now, for him, it was time for truth, with a new album coming out.

I mean, it was a golden age for Howard. And around this time Howard Jones wondered how he could share his positivity and this great time with his fans, who in many cases were probably going through a less fortunate time. This reflection was the origin of “Things can only get better”, a wish obviously addressed to those who are not having a great time.

A spontaneous and direct way to instill strength and courage to those who live some difficulty, admitting that it can certainly happen to live moments even of fear, but with the certainty that things can only, as he says, get better. I especially like his invitation to live fully every day, so that tomorrow, when you may reach your 60s, you can say that you have lived your life without any regret.

The video is very particular and at first we see a number of people doing jobs in a rather obscure environment. Workers, a woman ironing a red shirt, and other figures, including a Charlie Chaplin lookalike and three elegant girls walking in corridors.

Soon after, however, everything becomes clear: Howard wanted to tribute the people who work with him and for him, to make his tours and shows happen! The workers are mounting the stage, the woman irons the shirt that he will wear, and the three girls are his backup singers, a trio with the stage name of Aphrodiziak.

Charlie Chaplin’s lookalike is also a famous English mime who was part of the team that accompanied Howard on tour. I mean, this song was a way to recognize for all the work and support, and to hope for them that this was just the beginning, because things could only, of course, get better.

And in fact Howard was right, because the album he was about to release, “Dream into action”, was a resounding success, thanks to this song, but also to other great hits such as “Look mama” or the unforgettable “No one is to blame“, which will be re-recorded with the participation of the great Phil Collins on drums.

In summary, things were really good for Howard Jones, and thanks to this song and this album he became a protagonist and an absolute icon of pop and of the whole 80s.

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