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Eurythmics – I need a man

“I need a man” was climbing the charts between March and April 1988. Eurythmics released it as the third single from “Savage”. “Savage” was an album of change: times and musical tastes has changes, Eurythmics after all had always been pioneers in experimenting. As it often happens, this kind of albums are not the ones with the greatest success. Needless to say that many songs of “Savage” were indeed great songs, and in this album Annie Lennox could prove to be not only the fantastic singer we all know, but also a great actress. Maybe the video is one of the best part of “I need a man”. It’s the sequel to another video, and both of them were directed by Sophie Muller. Do you remember the end of the clip of “(I love to listen to) Beethoven“? Annie had transformed from a dowdy housewife into a kind of disco vixen running out of home. Now we find out where she was going: she was going to sing her desperation in a dim night-club! I suppose that, when they saw Annie Lennox coming, the guests of the night club were all but desperate!!!

I don't need a heart breaker
Fifty-faced trouble maker
Two timing time taker
Dirty little money maker
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